Responding to the business need to reduce investment in training and yet improve overall training effectiveness, HKV Academy has adopted various innovative formats to deliver a range of training courses.  Apart from traditional workshop style training, HKV Academy has developed an ISO 9001 QMS blended learning (self study + classroom workshop) lead auditor course which has been approved by the CQI IRCA. HKV Academy is on the verge of launching the eLearning platform to facilitate on line learning.

Vertically, HKV Academy has developed a wide spectrum of proprietary training courses to support the different needs of organizations, from lead auditor courses to foundation courses, and from internal auditing to advanced auditing skills.  The idea is to equip different levels of staff the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the sustained success of the organization.

Apart from stimulated thinking, questions and debates, HKV Academy training courses focus on the acquisition of fundamental principles and accurate understanding of the standard requirements. Ultimately students are loaded with ideas to support the development and continual improvement of such projects.

Based on CQI IRCA requirements, HKV Academy has introduced the most advanced Accelerated Learning Techniques to all of its training courses. The benefits of these techniques are obvious and scientifically proven. With multiple input channels and a stimulating environment, students learn through their natural ability. Through various participative activities, learning becomes quick, easy and enjoyable.


Past Students:

"The exercises are practical and useful. The instructor is very professional and can brain-storm my wrong concepts of ISO requirements and correct me with a better picture and understand accurately."

"The explanation is clear and there are sufficient information."

"The contents are highly focused to the requirements of the ISO standard. It makes me learn very quickly."

"Quiz, NC exercise and Mock Exam and the discussions are very useful."

"I like the exercises, role play which helped the students to understand the materials."

HKV courses are offered either as bespoke in-house or public training courses. We welcome the opportunity to deliver to in-house training courses based on your particular requirements.



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